About us

BLUEREDYELLOW is a design and natural dye house to satisfy your need for comfortable, natural chemical free textiles. We get our organic cotton fabric from the Fessler USA mill in Deer Lake PA, and grow and harvest our dyes in Philadelphia PA. At this stage we collected our yellow (marigolds) locally on our south Philly plot along with our blue (indigo). In the spring we will be planting our own red (madder) in our new home at the Schuykilll Center Community Garden. While we tend and harvest our grown crops we ordered natural madder root from Monterey Bay Spice Company and our indigo from the direct importer Indigocrow to get us started. To mordant (set) our dyes we use only aluminum sulfate, or alum, which is traditionally used in pickling. Besides our textiles, we sell exhausted dye material in our Apothecary necklaces.

Please do not hesitate to ask us questions! We intend to be completely open about our process and the origins of our products. We believe that our customers have every right to know each step that goes into creating the product they have respectively invested in.

Initial seed funding for BlueRedYellow was provided by The Corzo Center for the Creative Economy. Of course we are grateful for all of our friends, family and investors for supporting this endeavor!


8 responses to “About us

  1. Abby


    I am a fashion student in Philadelphia. I attend Drexel University. I am very interested in your company. Do you have tours or other information?

  2. I am interested in having kids’ yoga t shirts made,to sell at classes,workshops and on my website. If you look at my website, you will see lots of possible images to put on them. Would you be interested?? I live about an hour away from Philly in the Frenchtown NJ area.

    • This is possible. Right now we are busy with the production of our scarves and shirts, but we plan to do custom orders pretty soon. Keep tabs on our web shop and we will keep you posted on our progress. Most likely, we could do resist printing, so the image of the design is white and the shirts are indigo blue. please email info@blueredandyellow.com for future inquiries!

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  4. Hi folks, I am a local artist with an interest in textiles and dyeing. Could you put me on your mail list for future natural hand dyes workshops? Thanks!
    Diana Trout

  5. Hey guys! This is Sarah from Churchville Fabrics, we met at Tyler at your natural dye workshop. Would love to show you guys around our space if you’re interested, so you should give me a shout! email at smuehlbauer.studio@gmail.com. Cool to see what you are up to.

  6. Hi ladies!! Unfortunately I will have to miss tomorrows workshop — because of other work..
    But I wanted to share our exhibition blog (www.catagenesis.blogspot.com) and thank you for all the info from the last workshop!! Y’all are great teachers and it was so fun!!

    Take care,

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