Corzo grant!!!

Before graduating from the University of the Arts, I took time to apply for the Corzo Center Creative Incubator
grant which helps students launch creative businesses or socially inspired enterprises. It seemed like an excellent
opportunity to both learn the grant process and business plan process for launching BlueRedYellow. Basically the
business idea came out of experience from The University of the Arts. I took many textile courses, but also majored
in Industrial Design so I got the best of both worlds. The Uarts Industrial Design department really focuses on
teaching its students how to research and fix systems whether it be creating an urban farm network, develop a more
ergonomic wheelchair, or work with a company to assist their work flow. I was very interested in the textile aspect
of the Industrial Design field and learned a lot about sustainable fibers as well as dye processes. Research led me to
experiment with natural textile printing processes, and last summer I went down to Nashville to work for ASK
Apparel where I learned the correct ways to dye textiles with grown natural dye material. I fell in love with the
process and find it incredibly satisfying to make colors and textures out of something one can grow in their
backyard or in fact, want to get rid of in their backyard. So it led me to want to do something different but similar
in the Philadelphia area. So I applied for the grant (with the aid of many) and fortunately got a thumbs up!! Neil
Kleinman runs the incubator and we have been meeting with him and working to solidify the grant making sure
we have all the numbers and planning in the right order. Very very excited! We will be ordering a bunch of supplies
shortly that will assist in the dye process. Thanks Uarts, and the Corzo Center Creative Incubator!




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3 responses to “Corzo grant!!!

  1. Kiki Brown

    Swine Flu… Snout On.

  2. yay!! We are so excited for you guys and are looking forward to meeting more of your team this fall at the indigo/kudzu workshop!

  3. neil kleinman is awesome and elissa meyers makes my heart sing!

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