Philadelphia and textiles

So I have been doing a lot of research and exploring the world of textiles that has existed in the Philadelphia/PA
area. Turns out that during the 1800’s Philadelphia was pretty much a textile mill town. The Kensington/
Fishtown/Frankford area was all basically textile based industries. The majority of the development was in the 1860’s.

These are just a few of the Mill layouts in the area. is a wonderful website that describes the mills of Philadelphia.

Many of the buildings still exist and were converted into either loft or artist spaces. One well known one is the
Coral Street Arts house.

Besides the mill businesses that are no longer functioning, there are also ones that still do (although the majority
are nowadays outside of the city area). Woolrich is one of the U.S.’ first manufacturers of wool. They still to this
day produce their civil war blanket and also sell the traditional Hudson Bay trading Blanket. They have recently
come out with a new line called Woolrich Woolen Mills.

Glen Mills which was located in Germantown has been since the early 1900’s Wayne Mill’s Co. Inc.
who specializes in industrial cotton twill tapes. They are in business to this day.

Fessler USA is the company we plan to acquire our organic cotton. They are in Deer Lake, PA and do all the
milling in house. Also, SAVA Fashion has their own storefront/sewing room directly above shop on 17th and
Sansom. There still are local sewing facilities all over PA. Gitman Bros. are shirtmakers and have been around
for quite awhile. They have been making well made shirts since the seventies.



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