indian summer…

the day began with collecting marigolds at frankford farm where i was delightfully greeted by this lil fella…


lil fella

and a sleepy bee…


sleepy bee and pile o’gold

next up: the wyck house!  the wyck house has a huge garden full of veggies, flowers, herbs…fruit trees…
hops…etc etc etc….amazing!  but most importatnly they house CHICKENS.

happy farmer

ALL the members of blueredyellow were lucky enough to join photographer ty scaife at the wyck
house for an old-timey photo shoot…

and i got to play photographer too…

hmmm…do chickens bite?

sooooooo soft...

after a delicious morning of friends, flowers, and crumpkins, i couldn’t resist swinging by the village
to check on the marigolds…and they are so big and beautiful!

healthy. happy. marygold.

and to round out the afternoon, a short visit to the fall festival at greensgrow for more chickens, pumpkins,
friends, and a different sort of lil fella…



happy farmers unite:

pumpkin farmer~Dawn




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One response to “indian summer…

  1. Laurel

    This is so cool! Love the hedgehog and chickens!

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