Spring is coming, spring is coming!

Hello world! Don’t let the lack of posts fool you – we are as busy as ever!

Miss Elissa, shovel in hand on a cooler work day out at the Schuylkill Center Community Garden plot where
we will be growing this year. We already cleared out a lot. Look at all that space!

Glass jug left behind by the plot’s previous tenant against a cloudy sky.

My dear friend Joel provided us with a cozy spot in his greenhouse to start our seeds in order to get a jump
start. Look how cute it is!

Your humble narrator putting seed starting mix into trays.

This year we are trying Polygonum tinctorium, Dyer’s Knotweed or Japanese Indigo.

Indigofera tinctoria

As well as our old friend Indigofera tinctoria!


Giving our babies a good drink.

And a heated mat!

Potting Shed

Wish us luck and stay tuned!!

– Mira Sophia



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3 responses to “Spring is coming, spring is coming!

  1. will

    you girls are rock stars. i am putting in an official request for a couple of fellow- style t-shirts. fruit of the loom crew but organic from fessler would be great.

  2. hey, i love what you are doing! ive been wanting to hand color salt prints with natural dyes! i have a plot at scuykill center too where im growin food…. the kale is coming. would love to meet ya and talk! keep up the good work! – josh

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