A little help from my friends…

While we wait for our babies to take root and grow we have been taking advantage of the warmer weather
(and a few saved vacation days!) to get our lovely plot ready. After the toil at the Bouvier St plot last summer
the new spot is a dream! Not to mention the benefits of helpful friends with trucks and tillers.

It is true that the commute is longer this time around but check out the view!

What a delightful Easter – sunshine and a riot of violets!

Another helpful friend – eat up those slugs Mr Toad!

The Indigo field before tilling. A mess of weeds.

After tilling – almost ready to plant!

Spring is hurtling past us  and summer is looming. The community of dry bushes and skeletal vegetable remains
is replaced by green and flowers. The garden is bustling with life – toads, field mice, birds and gardeners. We are
full of optimism and excitement. Will this little plot of land tucked away in an almost forgotten corner of the city
yield the colors we dream of every night when we close our eyes? Do we have any choice but to try?

– Mira Sophia



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2 responses to “A little help from my friends…

  1. Josh

    AMAZING PROGRESS!! I looked at your plot on Saturday morning and thought, these ladies have A LOT of work to do… even your entrance way was blown over. Low and behold, yesterday, to my utter amazement, the plot looks completely transformed! Great job!

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