Madder matters

We are super excited that our first year of growing our madder root has turned out a success! Madder root is
what the red coats used for their red. It makes an alizarin red or a Turkey Red. The root is what is used for
harvesting as a dye. Patience is a virtue though, as it takes 2-3 years to mature into usable dye.

Just found this book at the Book Trader’s in olde city and am excited to read it!!




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3 responses to “Madder matters

  1. Jim

    Is it ready yet? I’m really excited about your project. Is it still happening? I’m currently working on the pigment end of things. No public documentation yet. DIY is where it’s at. Who knows where this stuff comes from otherwise. Happy to have found you guys. Thanks for keeping the movement alive.

    • Hi Jim! At the earliest we will harvest the madder this fall. Right now we are anxiously awaiting to see it come out of dormancy. Due the very early warm weather here many plants have already done so but the madder is sitting tight! I think the world will here our shouts of joy when she does emerge!

      We are happy that you found us as well! We have been lax in posting but we are still plugging away. We will be putting the indigo in very soon. Growing season is a happy time!


  2. Josan

    Please let us know the progress, we are waiting for the report.

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