Design Philadelphia workshop



Red and Yellow Plant Dye Workshop

Gain a hands-on understanding of the processes involved in using plant material to create naturally dyed fabrics. 
Workshop includes lecture and demonstration of using raw plant materials to make madder root red and marigold
yellow. Leave workshop with a handkerchief or bracelet.


It is on October 21 from 10-1

Wheelchair accessible.
Admission: $5
Space is limited. RSVP  to




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3 responses to “Design Philadelphia workshop

  1. Hi you two! Great job on the class yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. A couple of questions. 1) I’m trying to track down calcium carbonate. Is it lime (from the garden store) or baking soda? Does it have another name?
    Also you mentioned two artists One an artist from the 70’s BIrd or Byrd? and Ricketts in the Midwest somewhere. Where can I find info them.


    • Diane,

      We had a good time ourselves. Thanks for attending. Calcium Carbonate is basically ground limestone/chalk from the mineral calcite. You could experiment using ground lime from the garden store. We ordered ours from a bulk company. this is one link… but if you didn’t want as high of volume, some garden stores may have it. probably would have to search for it online. Soda ash or washing soda (sodium carbonate) is closer to baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). baking soda is actually a byproduct of soda ash. We got that from a pool supply store.

      As for the artists, the names are Nelly Berg (Burg?) and Rowland Ricketts from Indiana

      Thanks and best,

      Elissa from BLUEREDYELLOW

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