chemical structure of alizarin

A Continuous Lean: The American List

Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

ASK Apparel/Southern Hues

Artisan Natural Dyeworks

Stony Creek Colors


Corzo Center for the Creative Economy

Elissa’s internship experience

Meadowsweet Mercantile

Least Concerned Clothing

Musical Yoga Adventures


BodyFields Performance Collective

Cheryl Ana

Jes Williams

Tyler School of Art

Tyler Scaife Photography

Studio Bricolage and Leonardo’s Basement

Grid Philly

Marigold Conspiracy

National Association of Sustainable Fashion Designers


Philadelphia Seed Exchange

Philly Swap

Philly Works

Sustainable Business Network

Kremer Pigments

Nativen Wear



One response to “LINKS

  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know, I linked to your site in an article I wrote for my blog Life’s Little Sweets about the Organic Flower Dyed Infinity Scarves you did for Musical Yoga Adventures (Here it is: I love your work!

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