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Color Swatches

We have been working on some swatches. Making lots of over dye swatches with beautifully knitted fibers.
Checkout http://www.admknitting.com/ who we have collaborated with on the swatches.




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The colors blue, red and yellow

These colors have inspired us to make naturally dyed organic clothing in the Philadelphia area. Natural dyes are an ancient form of color. The color indigo as well as madder root are very colorfast and consistent dyes that have age old recipes. Synthetic colors, as efficient and pretty as they can be are also incredibly toxic. We feel it makes sense to go back to how it all began and ensure a healthy piece of cloth.

for blue we are using indigo

for red we are using madder root

for yellow we are using marigolds and a couple different wild plants

So our plan is to go as local as possible. This would include the fabric we are to use with our grown dyes. Fessler USA is a local textile manufacturer. The factory is out in Deer Lake, PA and produces organic cotton clothing. The cotton is grown in the South. That is the furthest component I think we want to take on. But all of the knitting of the fabric, cutting and the sewing are done in very ideal conditions an hour and forty minutes outside of Philadelphia. A few of us went on a field trip to check out their factory and get some quotes on garments for a future order.

This is the type of machine that knits your cotton jersey!



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