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Nativen Bandanas!

We recently started a dye order with a great women’s american heritage workwear brand called Nativen
based out of NYC and want to express how excited we are about the beautiful bandanas they just came
out with! We dyed them in Madder/turmeric, indigo, and cutch/black walnuts. The designs are by amazing
illustrators and were hand printed in brooklyn. Check out their site. They sell great vintage clothing too!

Their website is…..


Also, checkout their STORIES page. They compose great interviews with makers.

We were honored to be a part of this process!




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Dresden dyer’s guild coat of arms includes stirring and turning sticks, a reel for winding fabric, and a rake.
We felt it appropriate this season to begin a workshop series in different studio/workspaces and give each
its own little dyer’s guild.


Our first workshop will be held Saturday, May 31st in the dye shop of Parsons-Meares, Ltd., a company
producing state of the art costumes in New York City.  The workshop will focus on natural dyes in costume,
primarily colors of the shakespearean era. Learn basic natural dyeing techniques using colors that would
have been used in the theater including a naturally fermenting indigo vat, madder, weld and cochineal.
Leave the workshop with knowledge, color samples and a cotton tote bag to keep your sheet music or dance
clothes in. We hope to see you there!

MAX CAPACITY: 12 students

COST: $65

TIME: 10-4 (we will take a break in the afternoon-food nearby, kitchen space in shop.)

HOW TO SIGN UP FOR WORKSHOP: Pay ahead using paypal and send payment to
blueredyellow.designs@gmail.com, and in an email, RSVP your name and we will send you a waiver and
release of liability to sign before workshop.

Queen Elizabeth in Tyrian Purple (mollusk) and below; Shakespeare’s  Globe Theater today.

The Globe from air

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The madder has sprung!


Only last week there was no sign of the madder but today she is there, thrusting vigorously upward, reaching
for the sky. This is how we begin our 2012 growing season! A promising start after an unusual Spring.
It’s going to be a good year. I can feel it!

-Mira Sophia

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