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Design Philadelphia workshop



Red and Yellow Plant Dye Workshop

Gain a hands-on understanding of the processes involved in using plant material to create naturally dyed fabrics. 
Workshop includes lecture and demonstration of using raw plant materials to make madder root red and marigold
yellow. Leave workshop with a handkerchief or bracelet.


It is on October 21 from 10-1

Wheelchair accessible.
Admission: $5
Space is limited. RSVP  to blueredyellow.designs@gmail.com




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Healthy vat

So I dyed some shirts to get a better understanding of the way our indigo vat will work when dyeing the Fessler
USA order. Turns out the vat is incredibly healthy. I did one dip for about 40 seconds a shirt and they are all
consistent and about as dark as a normal double dip vat! Below are the test shirts.


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